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What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries | Should You Remove or Keep It?

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Vulkan runtime libraries”: When we find an unknown software running in our PC, we assume it to be a virus. Isn’t it?

The same happens in case of  Vulkan Runtime Libraries. When we install a new GPU, the VulkanRT aso gets installed simultaneously unaware of our knowledge, and we don’t even have any idea about it.

But the problem is, our antivirus signals it as a virus installed in our PC. And we desperately try to sort that issue out.

This worries a lot of Windows users. Now, what exactly it is? So, today we will discuss what is Vulkan RunTime Libraries | Should You Remove or Keep It?

What is Vulkan RunTime libraries on my computer?

The Vulkan Runtime libraries, known as VulkanRT,  is a graphics driver such as NVIDIA, Intel or AMD graphics cards; it works on graphics frame rates. Currently, all latest games support this driver.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries,
Vulkan RunTime Libraries

Unlike OpenGL and DirectX, Vulkan is a new modern graphics PAR render, which is developed for better video performance.

When you install a graphics card, The Vulkan Runtime Library also gets installed in your computer without your permission, however, that’s not a virus, fortunately.

You would love to know, what is Vulkan Runtime libraries function? Let me tell you, it has been designed for optimal performance of your computer, i.e. when you play games frame rates get heavier, and, to balance that GPU (Graphics Card) over CPU, VulkanRT plays a significant role.

Moreover, the developer designed the Vulkan for heavy-intensity activities handling of modern CPUs. Furthermore, it uses less CPU usage, more direct control over the GPU.

For gaming purpose, the driver is used for modern optimal 3D display and it comes with video card drivers.

When you update your video driver, NVidia automatically installs this program into your PC.

If you compare it with the DirectX 3D,  you will find both are identical in performance

Things to know about the Vulkan Runtime libraries

  1. The Vulkan Runtime Library is neither a virus, worm, malware nor any type of patches.
  2. This software can normally be uninstalled, where you traditionally uninstall other software from Uninstall a Program.
  3. It is a 3D Graphics API, which is embedded with Nvidia, AMD driver.
  4. It is used by video card occasionally; however, some heavy games use it.

How to check Vulkan Runtime libraries on Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac

For Windows 10 PC:

  1. Go to control panel >Click on uninstall a program>
  2. You will find a list installed software.
  3. Here, you will find the Vulkan entry.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select the Apps entry.
  3. Now, On the Apps & features tab, search for Vulkan.
  4. You will find the Vulkan Run Time Libraries entry, if it is installed in your Windows 10 pc.

For Windows 8.1 PC:

  1. Click on Start button to open the Start Screen> type on search box for “Vulkan”. It will appear, if it is installed in your Windows 8.1 PC.

For Windows 7 PC:

  1. Click on Windows, then go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. You will find the entire installed program including Vulkan.
Vulkan runtime libraries, VulkanRT

Khronos Group says, Vulkan API will be there in macOS and iOS through the MoltenVK library, and this allows the Vulkan to run over the metal.

Do I need Vulcan RunTime libraries?

Yes, we need it, because it is a complementary driver which drives the frame rates smoothly, identical to DirectX 3D 12.

  1. It allows multi-threading, which gives a smooth gaming performance.
  2. Lower overhead ensures better control over GPU.
  3. Performance is similar to DirectX 3D 12.
  4. Efficient graphics hardware control.
  5. Open- source software.
  6. Available in all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android.
  7. Supports iOS and Mac OS through MoltenVK library.

How Vulkan runtime libraries is installed in PC without administrator permission?

If you have little knowledge about GPU, then, you would know that NVIDIA and AMD are the popular hi-tech graphics card manufacturers in the world, and in their newly manufactured GPU, they are using VulkanRT to boost-up the GPU performance.

Now, NVIDIA and AMD ship Vulkan as inbuilt graphics card drivers in all latest models.

How Vulkan runtime libraries installed in my PC? When we install a GPU or video card, Vulkan RT libraries is automatically installed in our PC.

Even, it doesn’t need the permission of administrator; moreover, you will not find any skip on Vulkan installation.

That’s the reason many people don’t know what exactly Vulkan is. I hope you have understood this thing.

Should I remove Vulkan runtime libraries?

Now, as you know that Vulkan is a GPU driver, not a virus, so it’s not required to remove it. For, installation it does not seek any permission. Is Vulkan RunTime libraries safe?

The answer is a big YES. The antivirus alerts us for that being a virus, because it gets installed without any permission. That’s it, nothing to worry about.

But, the question arises, if we uninstall/remove this software, then, what we would do? What about the performance? Let me clear your concern.

As I have said earlier, it is not a virus, so, you are not supposed to uninstall this software. Moreover, if you uninstall this software, your pc would not be able to run, Vulkan supported games.

Besides, you will not get a smooth experience while playing the games. It could be a serious issue for gaming.

So, the best and only way to have classy gaming experience, is the VulkanRT .

How to update/reinstalled Vulkan runtime libraries?

Since, you have uninstalled the software. You should know that it can’t be installed manually. Now, follow the solutions for you.

Solution- 1: Download Vulkan runtime libraries software from your graphics card manufacturer website.

Solution-2: If, it does not work, then, shut down your PC; remove the graphics card from your motherboard. After, remove the card, again start your PC, then, again do shut-down. Now, install the graphics card and start your PC. You will find a Vulkan Runtime library has been reinstalled. Even if, doesn’t work then go for next step.

Driver easy update

Solution-3: To update and reinstallation, download and install the driver easy. Then, run the software and let the driver easy to scan recommended driver for your PC. Here, the driver easy will find Vulkan runtime libraries. Now, click on download/update the software.

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