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VR games without controller for Android in 2019 [Free download]

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God created the world, human-created Virtual Reality (VR) and we have made a list of “VR games for android without controller.

  There are many 2019 android VR games, and yet most of them can be played without controllers. Current VR technology requires an additional controller to extraordinary experience, but why you should pay extra money to buy fancy equipment to jump into the Virtual reality where you are getting VR games without a controller at a free of cost. If you are searching for what are the best VR games without controller? then, here given, list of top 10 VR Games without controller is best in of class gaming for all VR Android phone.

So without waiting a fraction of second, here is the list of top 10 VR Games without controller.

Top 10 VR Games without controller for Android in 2019 with downloadable links

#1. VR Escape Horror House 3D (Horror VR game without controller)

VR Escape Horror House 3D
VR Escape Horror House 3D
Developer: HYGAMES
Price: Free

When we talk about best VR horror games for android without the controller, one name must come to mind, and    i .e. VR Escape Horror House 3D.  Serkan Culfa’s most popular game is  horror VR game, and the latest version on the Google Play Store is available for free.

A dark story, “Greedy,” because you’re a corporate lawyer who is heading to the leading corporate lifts, every look scares us!

Every stop profit shows a horrible thing with horror. This game revolves around, but it is entertaining to play, and you will be amazed at what VR will do on Android.

Developers have suggested that at least Snapdragon should be 630 or more, it would be better if you have at least Samsung S9 or better.

If you’re excited about VR Droid games, you should download it from the Google Play Store.

#2. The Devil Awaits VR (Horror game VR game without controller)

The Devil Awaits VR
The Devil Awaits VR
Developer: Bloompix Studios
Price: Free+

Sinister Edge is one of the favorite and highly rated VR game in Android. The devil awaits VR horror game – Find out a darkened home where there are fantastic events. Take a look to solve logic problems and get rid of them.

For Android / IOS, the hero of this game is a hazardous home, which is hidden with mystery. Despite the terrible existence of supernatural forces, there are no people inside the house.

Associated with enthusiastic panic experts with advanced travel joint sports, Senor Edge offers you a loyal look before presenting experts, who will immediately attract players.

Looking for a place in Advanced Puzzle Mechanics, Senor asks the same player with exciting events in a large packaged environment.

Go through all the rooms of the house. Collect items to help in order to help the victim to work for what happened inside the house. Choose Lock and solve various logical passers.

#3. VAMF VR ( Adventure VR game without controller)

Developer: Mikael W Bergene
Price: Free

VAMF VR is one of the most famous and recommended VR games for android. A tremendous colorful VR Puzzle game from Adventure is GT VAMF VR. The game checks for your time challenges skills.

There are facilities to play 360-degree excellent experiences, exploration, incitement, and obstacles and metric tons of puzzles. Also, it includes adventures of the unique world and all the bright crystals and much more have gathered.

This game is entirely teleporting, the developer says, you will progress through teleporting technology, and you will not be jumping.

Not good! Another exciting thing is that the game screen controlled by screening and Bluetooth / USB controllers and magnet switch. Although it looks like a paid VR game on Android, it’s completely free in the Google Playstore.

#4. VR Roller Coaster Temple Rider (VR adventure)

VR Temple Roller Coaster
VR Temple Roller Coaster
Developer: Rabbit Mountain
Price: Free

If you’re looking for a more thrilling game, then, VR Roller Coaster Temple Rider is the game that you’re looking for.

Discover and experience amazing 3D graphics, VR skills in every corner, because you see the real fog of the trees, the temple that looks out from the outside and the excellent presenters.

This journey can be ancient temples, trees and corners, underground caves, and finally a dip below the sea, where the expertise of associate degree is waiting for an expert’s exposure.

Roller Coaster Physics is a real life that gives you the fastest action in the world so that you can be taken to swing when you enter a high-speed corner.

Use video card receivers such as Google Cardboard for natural skills, even if in the app, a mode given in style for the normal mode control experience. It has been accepted as best vr games without controller by many renowned gamer.

#5. Smash Hit (Shooting VR games without controller)

Smash Hit
Smash Hit
Developer: Mediocre
Price: Free

If you’re a die-hard lover of Olympic shooting, then Smash Hit is the game you’re looking for.

Decorative and colorful ways read smash heat. Smash is a shooting game where players are melted in a natural quantity when it synchronized with each physics based.

The map layout includes dark blocks and dark gray glass, making the world peaceable.

In the first phase of the distance, the player gets different dynamic columns. However, despite the presentations in the second stage of the scene, they appear here in large numbers and can have boxes of crystals or glass.

Rapid eyes do not have to focus on gas, and VR phone receiver needs your finger to press the button so that targets and obstacles can be destroyed to stop your journey. Smash Hit is a game that you would enjoy Olympic shooting games in VR mode without controller.

#6. VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 (Racing VR game without controller)

VR Racer: Highway Traffic 360
VR Racer: Highway Traffic 360

The control is simple, and it can provide actual speed sensitivity while passing traffic.

Running as a video seat (VR), on the other hand, means a sense of the race that gives life without recognizing that your driver has an impressive impression.

Specific great graphics at high frame rates, In fact, virtual reality games are getting out of controllers. To use optimization in VR mode, rotate the left and right tilt of the camera in your head.

For your car, release the color of the new automotive paint in a preferred way. Regarding the latest VR technology, you need to get in a high-speed vehicle. So, if you are looking for what is best VR High game without controller then, here is your answer is VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360.

#7. VR Racing Fever 3D (VR Highway Traffic Dodge Race 3 without Controller)

Why people searches on Google for best VR Highway Traffic racing for android without a controller? Here, the “VR Racing Fever 3D: Highway Traffic Dodge Race 3” is a big example on this query.

VR Racing is a Topper sports game and can show skills that make it an active player to become the most famous Golden Time racing game of all time.

An incredible race car has incredible game graphics; play at the game rate of Pix Peak Wharf is controlled in large quantity and played with new options. Real 3D and VR (virtual reality), highway race, fantastic informal game, for people of all ages, and everyone is ready to add to an exciting environment.

You can play a simple virtual driving game. It is the most popular VR game and racing game, real vertical game, offline sports game, machines which can rent an optional car rental or click the play button to click the play button to purchase game traffic VR or 3D car driving, free VR games, virtual world games, and more.

#8. Deep Space Battle ( Action VR game without controller)

Deep Space Battle VR
Deep Space Battle VR
Developer: Archiact
Price: Free

If you are a big fan of classic space battle game then, from today onwards you are going to get a best VR Space battle game for Android without controller which is highly rated by gamers as well as the android developer.

Immerse yourself in this classic title game. You must either read or operate a spacecraft within a course for people, and your goal is to protect your mother ship to attack small vessels ship.

Destroy enemy ships while flying in a fantastic colorful galactic landscape. During this fast-paced game of video games, you will be the most powerful hero in the world!

Moreover, you can discover the atmosphere of living space.

How do you destroy your enemies? It cannot be easy; however it will take some time. The more you become experienced; the game will be easy for you. Discover your favorites and your space fire ship to destroy the enemies, and what is more, you would move forwards towards the game destiny.

The game does not require a controller or a button to act, some of the movements completed with exploitation.

Riding in Space allows you to tackle half a dozen different ships, each with their statistics and special Ritikls each.  All levels and ships are entirely free.

So, after getting all the attribute of this game, If have any queries regarding what is best Space battle VR game for Android without controller then, I will say your answer would be Deep Space Battle VR.

#9. Snow Strike VR (Fun VR game without controller)

Snow Strike VR (Free)
Snow Strike VR (Free)
Price: Free

Snow Strike VR is designed to create an intense experience in your Android VR. You will immerse yourself in the Action Packed Cold Wonderland. Your goal is to protect the snow forts and snowballs on any enemy.

Be sure to take care of the evil snowman! To reach more realistic goals, we have to think about it. Once the enemy has returned, you should avoid harm by trying in every way to follow the cove to move forward.

To get a star, the only real challenge comes from annoying points. At each level, the players rely on their aggressive and protective capabilities

However, before being a child game, it is one of the best, exciting and real-time VR games when it is not a controller. It has been accepted by all developer and gamers this is the best vr games without controller.

#10. VR Universal XRacer (VR racing)

The VR universal X-racer for Android is a fun game that will only become a habit.

A popular and exciting game will continually attract the mind, and the player will enjoy the value of a great moment, and VR Universal  X-racer will continuously provide!

The universal game business has got another interesting app game as the VR X-racer for Android which can played without controller.

This game is a way to use UFO Starship to attack our earth and to protect what is for us.

This game is about killing time, which means that you have to spend hours. It is a psychological feature game that takes you to try again and again. This vr games for android without controller would give you extreme level of racing experience on your small screen phone.

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