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Turbo VPN for PC (Windows & Mac)

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“Turbo VPN for PC”: is a great app, which can unlock any website. It has been seen in the Google Play store that almost 50 million downloads of this app have been completed. And it’s user rating is more than 4.7, you can guess how much user trust on it. This app is very good for people who do digital marketing, download music, videos and all. Some user very familiar with the desktop and laptop and want to work fast. Now, what to do? yes, we have solution! Read the given process to run Turbo VPN for PC in Windows 10 and Mac.

What is Turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN software that allows users to surf the Internet with a private IP address. It has many proxy servers in the cloud environment.

It works in most countries. However, developers claim they are not available in China. It avoids conventional protocols used for such a system and provides smooth download Download movies and Music.

It also provides effective firewalls for hackers and other threats. First of all, they are more deeply protected than most VPNs, which are far more than the proxy server.

This is a leak-free experience, so your personal information remains secure and secure when connected to a public Wi-Fi provider.

How Turbo VPN works in PC Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac

Turbo VPN in PC offers you to browse anonymously, as I have said earlier this app lets you to connect the servers of other countries, making it relevant to your access in these and other geographic areas.

It gives their new user to use a free trial. Once the trial is completed, the subscription amount will be charged on monthly basis from the credit card or you can do it manually.

This service can be canceled at any time. In PC, user’s single tap connects your virtual private network and unlike broadband, the connection speed is enough for most of the needs.

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But, for this, I have chosen Bluestacks Android emulator. Follow the complete procedure.

Protect your network traffic from Wi-Fi hotspots and browse anonymously and safely without tracking.


  1. Download apk file.
  2. Download Bluestacks app player.
  3. Playstore account in Google.
  4. 1 GB free space in your computer.

How to run and Download Turbo VPN for PC (Windows & Mac)

System requirements:

  1. Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac OS.
  2. 2GB of Ram
  3. 1GB free disk space.

To run Turbo VPN in PC

  1. Download and install Bluestacks application in your PC
  2. Sign up with your Google account.
  3. Either Choose Turbo VPN apk file from your PC or download it from Google play store and install.
  4. Now, Turbo VPN app will come in Bluestacks home screen. Click on it, to run this.
  5. Now, on the Top- right corner click on earth icon, here you will find different countries are available to connect.
  6. There is the option “Free” and “VIP”. Now, in the “free server” you can connect with any countries. However, for high speed “VIP” server you will be charged. Now, it is up to you what you need.
  7. That’s it.

Hola! You have successfully downloaded and run Turbo VPN for PC Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac.

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  1. ayan says

    why it is not working well on windows 7 32 but, what should I do to recover from this you have any suggestions for can use this VPN I recently found on the internet that looks so perfect?

    1. Supriyo Das says

      Android emulator support 64 bit Os, If you want to run any android VPN app, then, you should have 64 bit Os. Hope you understand.

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