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4 possible ways to take screenshot in windows 10 easily

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Welcome to another Windows 10 Tutorials, In this tutorials, we are going to learn how to take the screenshot with new and updated windows 10 easily with some advanced screenshot taking features and we’ll also learn about its shortcuts keys information so that we can take screenshot easily at windows 10. So let’s get started with How to take the screenshot at windows 10 easily.

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1. Take desktop Screenshot in Windows 10 using Sniping Tools

Sniping Tool for windows 10 screenshot

-Go to Start and Search For Snipping Tools. Open it.
-Click on “New” button and Drag mouse to the area where you want to take a screenshot.
-To take a screenshot in little delay. Open Sniping tools at Windows 10.
-Click on the Delay button.

-Select Time.
Now you are Ready To take a screenshot in Windows 10 With Windows snipping Tools.
-Use Brush, pencil option to edit Screenshot.

2. VLC screenshot taker for Windows 10

VLC screenshot taker for windows 10

VLC is widely used as a media player, and it is also a good screenshot taker in Windows 10. If you want to take a screenshot of a video then VLC player is for you. With only one click you can take high-quality screen in .PNG format. To do this you have to follow the following steps given below.

-Play the video you want to take the screenshot.

-Pause the frame, then go to the menu click on the video. A list of the tool will appear.

-Now, click on the ‘Take screenshot’ to take the screen.

Hola! you have successfully taken the screenshot in Windows 10.

3. Awesome screenshot: Take the screenshot of a browser in Windows 10

Awesome screenshot taker for windows 10

If you want to take browser screenshot in windows 10, then ‘Awesome screenshot’ is best for you. You can take a screenshot any size you want, that’s cool! It has inbuilt elements which you can implement on your screenshot. With this program, you can take a youtube video screenshot also. Read the guideline to take a screenshot in Windows 10.

-Download the ‘Awesome screenshot‘ into your browser Chrome/Mozilla.

-Here are the different options are available to capture a screenshot. ex- visible part of the page, Capture selected area, capture the entire page and capture the desktop.

Hola! You have successfully taken browser screenshot in Windows 10.

4. Lightshot- desktop screenshot taker for Windows 10

Windows 10 desktop screenshot taker

Another very popular screenshot taker for windows and Mac is Lightshot. This program provides a faster way to capture a screenshot by pressing on key ‘Print Screen’. Lightshot can capture any size of an image you want and convert it to high-quality PNG format.

You can download Lightshot from its official website

Hola! You have successfully taken the desktop screenshot in Windows 10.


Hope! Guys, you got everything about ‘How to take a screenshot in windows 10’. If you find this article helpful please share it with your loved one, so, other can be benefited. Thank you

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