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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+ and A7 Easily under 5 minutes

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Samsung Galaxy J4, J6+ and A7 are the most recent and advanced Technology Smartphones from Samsung. If you root Samsung phones, you might be able to the outcome from various limitation. Samsung devices unrooted! you might remain certain limitations. People root devices to access to install all types of apps, save battery life, RAM occupy less space and many more. So if you also wish to flash ROM( Internal Storage), you may wish to root Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 Exynos. But rooting any Samsung device will void your warranty period or sometimes rooting your smartphone can freeze your devices so please root your devices at your own risk. You’re here, so you are looking for How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+, and A7 Easily, right? Don’t worry, this article is going to guide you step by step methods to root Root Samsung Galaxy J4+, j6+, and A7 Exynos easily.

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Cons of rooting Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

1. Rooting Samsung Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices will void warranty period.
2. Sometimes rooting your smartphone can freeze your devices.
3. If you are a primary learner, you may destroy your device OS.
4. You may lose the security of your devices.
5. You will not be able to use the Samsung feature.
6. You will not get any future Samsung OS update.

Why you should root Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

There is lots of benefit of rooting android Phones
1. Rooting Samsung device will unlock Hidden features and you can install Incompatible Apps.
2. Boost your phone speed and battery life
3. The device RAM will use less space.
4. You can block Ads in almost any apps.
5. You can schedule automatic backup or you can back up your Android phone anytime you want

We can use the exactly the same method to Root Both Samsung Galaxy J4+ and Samsung Galaxy J6+. This process will not wipe or delete your data so it is completely easy to use. But I recommend you to back up your important files and contact first.

Important Instructions: Before rooting Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7

Here. are some important instructions you should follow before rooting your Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7.
1. Your device should be charged up to 80%.
2. Unlock the bootloader of your phone.
3. Make sure you have a complete backup of your files.

Step by Step Guide to root Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices without a Computer

Follow the following steps given below to completely root Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices without a Computer.

Here we are going to use Rooting software called SuperSU to root our Samsung galaxy J4+, J6+, and A7 devices.
So please go to this link search for your Device model number version and Download and Install SuperSU.
STEP – 1
Go to Settings > Developer options (if you don’t see Developer options then go to about device > Tap Build Number about 7/8 time until it says developer mode is enabled). Now Go back to developer Mode and Enable it. Also, Enable USB Debugging (Click ok if prompt). Now Turn off Your Device.
Step – 2
(Make sure Your Phone is connected with your PC)
Now Connect Your Devices with Computer Using USB cable. Now Copy SuperSu File Anywhere in your hard drive your phone internal/SDcard.

After Switching off Phone we have to go to download mode by pressing HOME + Volume Down + LOCK Button Together until your phone wakes up with a blue screen. Now Press Volume up Key so that we can root our device

Root Samsung Galaxy
A list of the menu will appear, now, hit on the install button. Now, you will see your phone internal storage folders. Warning! Don’t hit on any folder.
Step- 5

Root Samsung J4+

Now, Click on the ‘Select Storage’, a window will pop up. Chose the ‘storage option’ wherever you have copied SuperSU and select OK.
Step – 6

Samsung Galaxy J6+ rootClick on ‘Update SuperSU’, then, ‘Swipe to confirm flash’.
Step -7

Root Samsung Galaxy A7
Now, Wait until the process is complete. After this, click on ‘Reboot the System’
Step – 8
After this, it will tell you to install some third-party applications as a phone ‘system app’. Don’t install them! Now hit on the ‘Don’t install’ to continue to reboot your device.
Step – 9
Now your Phone will restart. Wait till your Phones fully wake up. Wait Till the home screen appears.

Samsung Galaxy J4+, J6+ and A7 rooted successfully
Step – 10
Go to Play store and Download & install #Root Checker Application. Check if your Phone is rooted or Not.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy J4+ Rooted successfully.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy J6+Rooted successfully.
Hola! Your Samsung Galaxy A7 Rooted successfully.


Hope you guys, you have understood everything about the How to Root Samsung Galaxy J4+How to Root Samsung Galaxyj6+ and How to Root Samsung Galaxy A7 easily without a computer. Hope guys! You have successfully rooted your devices. If you found this article helpful, then it will be so good if you share it on facebook, twitter and Pinterest. And also guys, please put your valuable comment below, thank you.

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