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How to password protect a folder in windows 10: A to Z guide

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How to password protect a folder: Sometimes our computer is shared with family and office and we want to keep our important files from unwanted eyes. It becomes important to password protect a folder Yes, there are also some alternatives to encrypt files.

We know Password protect folder can give better security. If you want to know How to put a password on folder windows 10, then, this article is for you because in this post we cover A to Z about  “How to password protect a folder”.

Windows 10 doesn’t have the option to put a password on the folder. Don’t worry! Today, in this post I will guide you complete step by step process How to put password on a folder windows 10.

Here, we go with the 5 possible ways on how to password protect a folder in windows 10

#1. Password protect a folder using a .bat file

An easy way to create a Password protect a folder using a .bat file. I have used this trick and it works perfectly.

Before writing this article I have shared this technique with friends and they had made Password protect a folder in just one minute, I believe they followed the instructions perfectly.

If you are looking for How to password protect a folder in windows 10, without any third party program. Then, follow the steps one by one. Today, in this folder you will learn How to put a password on a folder using .BAT file.

  1. Select the folder which you want to  put a password on a folder
  2. Then, we will create a .text file. No matter, you can give any name you want of this file.password protect in windows
  3. Now, open the .text file by double click on it and paste some software codes on it.
  4. Download folder locker codes
  5. A keyboard shortcut ctrl+f, search for the →”if NOT %pass%==Your-Password-Here” look at the →”Your-Password-Here“. Now, delete this code and give →’password’.
  6. Important! You have to convert this →.text file into a→ .bat file. Now, save the →.text file as a →.bat file.Password protection folder codes
  7. “Double-click” on the batch file, where you will see automatically a folder with name ‘locker’ has been created.
  8. Put anything you want in the ‘Locker’ folder.
    Folder locker
  9.  Again come back to the →.bat file, now, →double-click on it and you see a prompt window has opened, now, it will ask you ” Are you sure want to lock the folder(Y/N)”. Now you have two option here →’Y’ for ‘Yes’ and ‘N’ for ‘No’. Now type key ‘Y’ for ‘Yes and then, press →’Enter’.
    Hola! your folder has locked with a password and also been hide.Folder password software

Friends, you have understood how to lock folder with password. Now, what to do if you want to open the folder. Lets, understand this

  1. Here, come back to the →.BAT file, →double-click on it, now, the system will ask you for a password.
  2. Now, put your password and press →’Enter’. Immediately, your folder will be visible to you.folder password protection windows

Hola! You have successfully opened the folder.

# 2. Create a password protected a folder using Winrar in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Winrar is the most powerful program to compress and encrypt a folder. Winrar is available in free and paid version, where free version has all the option to create a password-protected folder.

Moreover, you have many advantages, you can send the encrypted folder through email or other sources. But, there are some conditions you have to understand first.

Well, how we can do this? First, you have to convert your folder into the a.RAR file. Read the guideline step by step to create password protect a folder.

  1. Right-Click on the folder, there will be a drop-down menu, on the menu you have to click →”Add to archive“.
  2.  Now, you will see a window has popped up, on the navigation menu click on the →”Advanced” Tab.
  3. There will be an option to →”set password“, click on it to →”enter password“.Password protect folder using winrar, Folder lock, encrypt folder
  4. Hit →”Ok” on both the windows
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Now, you have successfully put a password in the folder using WinRAR

#3. Encrypt files and lock a folder using administrator setting in Windows 10

Another very unique way to secure folder using some administrator settings. I have tested this trick on my PC, gotten very surprised after seeing the result.

The result is, no one can open the folder or delete it, shocked! Yes, you can surprise other. Additionally, while accessing the folder, the system does not allow to open or delete the folder. Prey will think it is an infected folder and he will leave.

This trick is important for those whose PC is shared and wants to keep an important folder secure from preyed eyes. I will say this trick is amazing and funny too makes secure a folder without any software.

Read the guideline to understand the complete procedure of How to encrypt files in step by step.

  1. First, put important files into a folder, which you want to lock.
  2. Right-click on a folder, go to the →properties. There will be a window pop up.Encrypt windows
  3. Go to →’security’, then, single-click on →’Administrator’, then again click on- →’Edit’. Then, again single-click on→ ‘Administrator’.folder locker settings
  4. Here, on the table of →’Permissions for administrators’, click on all the →small boxes under →’Deny’.
  5. A window will pop-up, asking for permission, Now, hit on → ‘continue’ until the process is complete.lock folder windows
  6. Now, Hit →’Apply’ then →’OK’.

Hola! You have successfully locked the folder. Now, nobody can access or delete the folder. To open or access the locked folder, you have to follow the step

  1. Again, come the →’folder properties’ check the →’Security option’, then click on →’Administrators’.
  2. Change permission by →’Edit’, then, again come to →’Administrator’.
  3. Now, untick mark all the →’Deny boxes’. Now →’apply’ the setting and hit on →’Ok’.
  4. Now, you can see, your folder is accessible.

#4. Encrypt  content or folder to secure your data in Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro offers basic protection to secure data. Assume that you have a shared PC in your family or office and you have some important files which you don’t want to transfer files to another computer.

Here, Windows came into play.

Suppose your document someone has copied to another computer, prey trying to access your content. Now the system will ask for a password. If you want to encrypt your folder, then read following these steps below:

  1. Select either files-folder you want to encrypt.
  2. Right-click on the file or folder and select →“Properties” from the drop-down contextual menu.Encrypt files windows
  3. Now, At the General tab, Click on the Advanced button.
  4. Tick mark on the box for the →”Encrypt contents to secure data” then single click on →’OK’ and again click on →’Apply changes to this folder’ windows.Encrypt content to secure data in windows10

#5. Hide the folder in Windows 10

Hide the folder” method work perfectly in long-term to protect the data from the unsuspected eyes. Windows 10 OS has a shortcut option to hide a folder where no one can able to see your folder.

That’s unsecured! But, works well on primary windows users around you.

  1. Go to →Control panel, click on ‘Categories’ → select ‘Small icons’.Folder hide windows 10
  2. Click on ‘File explorer option’→ on the navigation Tab click on → ‘view’.hide folder, hide files, hide documents
  3. Now, select ‘Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives’
  4. Select the folders you want to hide from prayed eyes
  5. Right-click. from the drop-down menu choose the →properties.
  6. On the navigation menu, click the → General tab
  7. Click the checkbox (Tick mark) on the →Hidden in the Attributes section.Hide folder windows 7
  8. Click on →Apply’ to hide the folder.

Hope this article serves you purpose with what you were looking for. We have discussed 5 best possible ways on “How to password protect a folder in windows 10“. But, if you know any other tricks then let us know and we will share it with everyone through our website. I believe this trick has helped you a lot if you find this article is helpful for your loved ones, don’t forget to share.

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