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How to Hide Folder, Pictures and videos on any android smartphone under 10 sec

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So, you are looking for How to Hide Files From Any Android Smartphone. In this post, we are going to learn How to hide any Kinds of Stuff like Music, Movies, Photos and almost any Files/folder from your Android phone so that nobody can access it without any software. You can Hide Photos from the gallery, Music from the Music player. You can completely hide Folder from your files manager. All you have to do is follow given instruction below on How to Hide Folder, Pictures, and videos on any Android smartphone.

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How to hide Folders from Files managers on any Android phone

Android is a Linux based operating system, we can hide any folder by renaming it. First of all, we are going to learn.

hide Folders android phones

  1. Go to Files Managers / My files for Samsung devices.
  2. Select any Folder that you want to hide from your phone.
  3. Go to Folder options and rename it. And put “.” Before file name (example if the folder name is ‘Notes’ rename it to ‘.Notes’. Instantly the Folder will be hidden from the file manager.

Hola! You have successfully hide the folder on android phones

How to hide Videos from Files managers on any Android phone

hide Videos android phones

  1. Just like that if you want to hide movies or videos from videos gallery first of all note the folder where that video is located.
  2. Go to file manager/my files & rename that folder with “.” Before file name. That videos will instantly hidden form videos gallery.

Hola! You have successfully hide the videos on android phones

How to hide pictures on any Android phone gallery

hide pictures on android phones

Repeat the same process to hide photos, and music from Gallery, music player or from the file manager.

Hola! You have successfully hide the pictures on android phones

How to show hidden items in the files Manager

To get back hidden files go to files Manager, click on option buttons (in an older version of Android) or Click on options menu at the right top. Go to setting and Check Show Hidden Files option. Now, rename the folder & Remove “.” From folder name. Your files will be visible to everyone.


I hope these tutorials help you to understand How to hide and show Folder, Pictures, and videos in Android smartphones without any app. Let us know what you think about this tricks. If you have any query, the suggestion about this tricks, Feel free to use comment options at the bottom of this post.


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