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How to get organically YouTube channel 10000 views fast

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How to get organically YouTube channel 10000 views fast: YouTube has changed YouTube monetization policy, and now it’s time to manage channel according to new Youtube rules. Most often people get started with Youtube to make money, but, we come across many such friends who cannot get first 10k views for an initial boost on Youtube channel and it is such a pity to say that they leave this track getting disappointed. I have looked for it many times and then came to know that it is not a big deal to obtain YouTube 10k views in a channel. All you have to do is that, follow these few procedures. If you are thinking how to get organically 10000 views fast then, yes, you have landed on the appropriate website, I say that with pride. Today, I will show you the best possible techniques that would help you to get the Youtube channel first 10000 views fast.

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Best methods to get YouTube Channel 10000 views fast

Display your videos in the recommended list

YouTube channel organic 10K views

Yes, friends, it is very important to get your videos featured on the recommended list, only then your videos would get more and more views. For that, it is very important for you to know yourself, what you are much enthusiastic at. So, to start with, first you upload 10 to 15 videos at one time, along with that the content of the videos have to be explained very well, and also add the annotation to your end screen. The more you add an annotation to your videos, the more your videos will get featured on the recommended list.

Share your YouTube videos on Reddit

Reddit helps 1000 views youtube channel

If you share your Youtube videos links in Reddit, then, you will get so many views that you would remain astonished. But friends it’s not that easy to come to this level. If the contents of your videos are very good and you share them in Reddit, then you would get so many views that within 1 hour you may get YouTube 1000 views and it is assured.

Make a Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page helps youtube channel fast 1000 views

It is very important to have a Facebook page for your YouTube channel to grow. So make a facebook page of your own and then share your YouTube videos on it. Now, the most important thing to do is that share your YouTube videos on other pages which are in search of those videos whose contents are exactly the same as that of your videos and eventually your videos would get a nice promotion as well as more views, which falls Youtube monetization policy friendly according to Youtube monetization rules.

Create an account in Google Plus

Another important task is to make an account in Google plus. Like Facebook, here also you will get many other groups as per your video content, so,  you are just to share your YouTube videos in those appropriate groups and get more and more views.

Share link in UC publisher

first 1000 views youtube channel using UC share

UC Company assists you to earn a handful of money if you publish a good news. Well, I will discuss in another post how to make money in UC Publisher, but, for the time being, you just keep in mind that in UC publisher you can share your YouTube videos on that particular page. In that case, your post along with your YouTube videos would get favorable views and this method also works Youtube rules.


In a way, I hope that I could suggest you good and powerful ideas that would fetch you “How to get Youtube channel 10000 views fast”. If you loved my post then, please share it more and more and please visit my website again. I will come to you with more helpful posts, bye-bye. See you next time.

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