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Top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019

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Free download manager chrome: You might be downloading videos or files using IDM. But, it is paid software. Got some important videos or files? Wants to save in your PC, but you are unable to download because of some restriction has made on web pages, right! You might be a primary user in chrome. But, let me tell you there is some extension called download manager chrome which offers download from any kind of web pages including Mp4, mp3, pdf, docs and many kinds of formats. So, without losing a fraction of second here is the list of Top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019.

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Top 10 free chrome download manager extension for chrome in 2019

#1. Download manager

A download manager is the latest extension for chrome by Madapps. This extension brings incremental upgrades to redefine the download experience of yours. It will soon hit the best download manager for chrome with the verity of downloadable formats. This chrome downloads manager extension your download assistance that can smartly manage your downloading after your download files.

The chrome download manager can pause and play your downloads and the user can understand minutes and percentage left to finish your download files.

#2. DownloadAll

The chrome download manager extension stands out from the rest because of its power to download. The DownloadAll boast of downloadable formats and next to free and elegant download manager.

It is easy to navigate the downloads from the various control options and to choose what format to download.
For this chrome download manager extension, you don’t need to purchase any other paid extension because a user can able to download multiple files at once in high speed.

#3. Instagram Video Downloader

Do you love Instagram? of course too! so, you definitely like Instagram videos and obviously, you want to download them in your desktop. Now, the Instagram Video Downloader extension has all the option to sort out your trouble. Instagram video Downloader is a free video downloading tool.
With this extension, you can download Instagram videos automatically and manually in your desktop. But, for this, You just need to add your video links in “add download section” and then, everything will be done automatically.

download manager chrome

#4. Video Downloader For FaceBook

Video Downloader for FaceBook is another Video Downloader extension for your chrome browser. This particular free download manager chrome lets you download on facebook videos and music! Each download is faster which depends upon your internet connection.

The extension is free to download, Facebook offers HD AND SD Quality download! With this download manager chrome, you can select which quality you want to download HD or SD. Not only Facebook, but you will also able to download your videos from other video promotion websites.

#5. Download Master

The Download Master is an entirely different kind of download manager for chrome than the ones mentioned above.

You don’t need to add links manually for download, this download manager chrome has the ability to download all kind of file linked on the web page.

Though it is a free download manager chrome but has the ability to download all images, music, videos, and any other file linked on the page.

#6. Chrono Download Manager

Looking for an effective and easy way to “video download manager for chrome“? Then Chrono Download Manager get you going.

The tightly integrated with the context menu and toolbar is full of surprises and your download manages in a tab rather than a separate browser window.

With this ‘download manager chrome’ extension you can able to view download in such a way that your downloads will be set on download popup list.

#7. All Video Downloader Professional

In the All Video Downloader Professional, you can download different types of video resolution on a single webpage.

Simply click is required to download video, the download button is on the tab and the video file is saved directly to your computer, depends on internet connection!

This chrome download manager extension is a quiet time saver and can reduce your hard work by switching between sites to download videos, mp3, and docs.

#8. Free Download Manager

Another very advance downloads manager out there to download for free. It has the ability to replace IDM, because, this ‘free download manager chrome’ has all the option to download any files from websites and also has the ability to play and pause the download.

With this download manager chrome, the user has the option to for parallel download which means your download will not going to the cancel even if the networks disconnect or the IP address changes.

The download speed is viewable, which means you can measure if any fluctuation of download speed. The chrome download manager extension supports many different languages and also supports formats starting from the torrent files to ZIP, RAR, Mp3, Mp4, and many others.

#9. Download Vimeo Videos, Premium

Almost every video download manager for chrome involve YouTube video downloading, but the Video Downloader Pro is a great video downloading helper around the track its focus.

It’s clean and simple too: the user interface is beautifully designed to make downloading fun. This extension is built only for download Vimeo Videos from any web pages, whether, it is any kind of resolution it never fails to download. My suggestion is and starts downloading Vimeo videos with this “chrome download manager extension“.

#10. Flash Video Downloader

Flash video downloader offers to download any types of flash videos from any web pages. Some web pages have the restrictions that don’t allow to download videos, but, with extension, its kick out the restriction and makes video downloadable for you at the faster speed. It offers the download in just one click with no special skills needed. With this extension, you can download HD videos.

There are many download manager for chrome out there but we have selected on “top 10 free download manager extension for chrome in 2019 ” because they are popular among the developer does a perfect job as a chrome download manager extension. Hope, guys you have enjoyed reading Best free download manager chrome in 2019. Find this article knowledgeable; do share with your loved one. Which video download manager for chrome is best from your point of view? Leave your valuable comment below thank you.

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