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Find mac address in Windows 10 using command

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Find mac address in Windows 10“: Every device has its mac address it is also called computer media access control, It identifies which devices are connected to the router and has control over which devices to send the data., whether you are using a mobile, computer or any console.

Your security is important for you when your computer is connecting to the world. By default, your computer mac address is exposed and also your activity is traceable. As you know, Google sends its advertisement by tracing what activity you are doing in your PC.

You are traceable to Google and another adviser through your physical address. So, it becomes important for you to know, what is your mac address? If you are very serious about security, then we cover from head to knee how to know the physical address of my computer.

Hi, in this post I will show you how to find a physical address of your network interface on Windows 10, I have covered two methods, the first method will be how to find MAC address from Network and Sharing Centre, and the second method is using Getmac command.

1. Find MAC address from Network and Sharing Centre

This tutorial is for Windows OS only. Follow every step carefully, let’s start the first method.

To find Mac address from network and sharing centre in windows 10

  1. On Windows desktop, right – click on Network icon.
  2. Select open Network and internet setting.
  3. Then, click on View on your network properties.
  4. Here, you will get all the connected and disconnected network mac address.

In my case, I have Ethernet and Wi-fi connection, so, here in the network properties both the mac address is showing. Here, the mac address is the physical address.

Shortcut method to find mac address Windows 10

  1. Click on network icon, you will find all the connected network
  2. Now, click on properties.
  3. Scroll down little bit.
  4. Here, you will find details about your network properties including physical mac address.
Mac address windows 10

2. Find mac address using Getmac command

If you are finding difficulties in first method, then you can try the second. You can easily get your Windows 10 PC mac address using the command.

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To get mac address using command                                        

  1. Keyboard shortcut, press Windows+R, to open Run.
  2. Type ‘cmd’ on run box and press enter to open command prompt Window screen.
Run command : getmac /v /fo list

Here, all the available network you will get on the command prompt screen.

Mac address using command prompt

Now, using this method you have got all the disconnect network on your computer.

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