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Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox – Who is the ultimate winner?

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Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: To experience extraordinary android gaming on PC, Bluestacks 3 and Nox app player are the two widely used as an android emulator for Windows and Mac PCs. The performance of Bluestacks 3 and Nox is different in the different mode. Bluestacks 3 and Nox emulators working ability is depends upon the PCs configurations. Of course, both of these emulators work well in highly configured PCs. Peoples are got confused, which android emulator they should use in their PCs.For some of the guys who are the primary user in android emulator, this article is for you. In this post, we will focus on the strong point, speed, user needs, and performance of Blustacks 3 and Nox. Also, we will look at the, what are the major points makes different from Blustacks 3 and Nox. At the end of the article, you will be able to see the complete comparison of Blustacks vs NOX.

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Ability

MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode offers control over the high-end graphics gameplay, our both Bluestacks and Nox has this ability. Moreover, using the mouse and keyboard during gameplay is even more interesting and easy in MOBA or RPG mode. So, both are works in a decent manner in gaming.
Nox player has done a decent job in screen recording, in Nox app player we can get an inbuilt screen recorder that can record up to 720p videos. So, you can share your recorded videos on social media. But, in Bluestacks, there is no any inbuilt screen recorder and also there no any playstore app that can support the screen recorder. To record the screen you need a third party PC screen recorder. Both of the Android emulators have an inbuilt screenshot taker. What is more, both have the ability to support joysticks to enjoy games.

Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Speed

Speed and performance of an Android emulator depend upon the types and size of the apps is being run. Running background apps consumes memory, which ultimately results in crashing, lagging on launching. This leads to the dumping of apps! For this reason, we need to allocate memory and change the registry editor values, and our both emulator has this kind of ability.
Bluestacks 3 has been installing in low configuration windows PCs( Core2Duo + 2GB RAM + 1 GB storage + 32 bit OS) and also can run lightweight apps smoothly. But, Nox app player never installs in low configuration PCs and its engine got stuck on (90- 99)%. In this way, Bluestacks is the ultimate winner for a low configured PC.
Bluestacks officially list out the benchmark score of the Android emulators on the configuration of 4 cores processor, 4GB RAM, and DirectX & OpenGL Modes given the result of BlueStacks 3 score was 130762 and likewise, NOX score was 121410. This indicates Blustacks 3 is one step ahead from the NOX.

Nox player 6

Bluestacks 3 Vs Nox: Software performance

Bluestacks was launch in 2009 and can support 95% of the playstore apps where the NOX supports almost 90%. Moreover, the latest version of Bluestacks run on Android Naugat 7 based OS and the NoxPlayer 6 is based on Android Lollipop 5.0. In this manner, Bluestacks is a fast mover. The good thing is both of the software is completely free of cost but for advanced features, Bluestacks 3 has a premium version.


Looking at the all the major points we kept in this post, it seems that Bluestacks and Nox performance is best in highly configured PCs and makes different only on low configured PCs.

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