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How to add audio to Google Slides presentations

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Add music to your Google Slides presentation:Unlike Microsoft Powerpoint, Google slide is useful to make a powerful presentation. Powerpoint is asking price, where Google slide offering premium tools at free of cost. Can you add audio to Google Slides? Yes, there is an option to add audio and video link inside the individual slides of Google slide. Now, with the following solution given below will help you to add music and video to any slides of Google slide for a powerful presentation.

Add music to google slides for a powerful presentation

How to add audio in Google slide presentation

Can you add a voice recording to Google Slides? Yes, you can easily add a voice recording and any audio files link to your Google Slides presentation, from the online music service like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Audiomack. etc.

Step 1: Covert your audio file to video

For your convenience, to embed a non-YouTube video, you can convert your audio files into video .mp4 format with the help of video converter like Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas Pro etc. and Upload the video to Google drive, in this way, you can able to insert an mp4 into Google Slides.

Step 2: Insert audio from Youtube or Google drive inside Google Slides

  1. Now, open the Google slide.
  2. On the menu you will find “insert“, click on it.
  3. Select the “Video” option.
  4. For youtube audio, paste the link
  5. For non-Youtube, go to the “Google drive” menu and choose the Video.
  6. Now you can see, the video .mp4 has been added into Google Slides automatically.
  7. Hola! you have successfully inserted audio files inside the Google Slides.

Step 3: Make audio play through the entire Google slide presentations

Now, you have a couple of different autoplay option, either the audio will play automatically in all individual slides or you can play the video in any one slide. To play a song across a slide

Autoplay audio when presenting, audio play through the entire Google slide presentations
  1. After, insert the audio inside the slides.
  2. Now, right-click on the video, then, on the menu, you will find “format option” click on it, to turn this on.
  3. On the left side, there will be an option “Autoplay when presenting“.
  4. Now, the audio will play across a slide.

To play audio through the entire Google slide presentations

  1. Copy the audio to every single slide, make sure that every slide has the same video.
  2. Now, play the presentation.
  3. You will see that music automatically playing in the background to all individual slides.
  4. That’s it.

Step 4: Hide the video player

Can we hide the video when presenting the Google Slide? Yes, we can. To hide the video, we can minimize the video size as small as possible, So that no one can see it. You can hide the video at the corner of the presentation. Now, when you would present the slide, no one will be going to pay attention to the video.

Hola! You have successfully made an audio play through the entire Google slide presentations

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