GeekyHow is a media website. We provide you with the latest PC software, android games, PC games, Playstaion games, how to android, download android apps, latest PC tricks and tips, apps reviews, software reviews, games reviews and much more.

About Us


Our Approach

GeekyHow is a tech media website along with we provide reviews on latest phones, electronic gadgets and more. Moreover, we also provide tips on your daily digital resources. We also provide tips on how to download from the Internet. Our focus is to make would be a no1  platform in tech media.

Our Story

Every business has a smart beginning, and we are active in every turn. Our story has been made simple, GeekyHow has made by three computer science engineer. We are the complete geek, so, we are now in online to make life simple of peoples on digital resources.

Meet the Team

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Supriyo Das

Founder & CEO

Supriyo Das is a software engineer who did his engineering from Assam University, he is a complete geek.

Deboshree Roy

Vice President

Deboshree Roy is an electronic engineer from Assam University, she has complete knowledge about the smartphones and electronic gadgets.


Ritopa Das


Ritopa Das is doing computer science and engineering from the Dibrugarh University. She great knowledge related to PCs hardware and software.